Peg Posts

2 Peg Posts =  Half Kit or One Sauce Kit Goals

4 Pegs Posts = Full Kit or Two Sauce Kit Goals

    • Attaches to pre-machined holes on AAA Grade Synthetic Ice
    • *Patent Pending* design locks them together to become one unit
    • Great for on & off the ice use to help the Sauce Kit from moving

Our *Patent Pending Attachment System* connects your Sauce Board to the Sauce Kit goal in the same way a regulation 4 x 6 goal is secured to the ice with peg posts.  Insert the spacers into the pre-machined holes on the boards, slide the peg posts through and lock your Sauce Kit in place by inserting them into the metal posts.

If your current Sauce boards do not have pre-machined holes?
1. Measure 5-5/8" from each side edge, make a mark.
2. Measure 1" up from bottom edge, make a mark. I always make cross hairs for both of my marks so I have a center point for the drill.
3. Use 7/8" hole saw to drill holes.
4. Insert Rubber Spacers
5. Insert Sauce Kit Peg Posts

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