Original Hockey Sauce FULL Kit - Mini Boards


*SALE* $30 Off ($159.99) 

The Ultimate Back Yard Hockey Game + Training & Trick Shot Kit. You can now play hockey anywhere from the beach to the ice & everywhere in between. Have endless fun while playing a handful of Sauce Games with the most popular game scored similar to bean bags with 1 & 3 point scores. Have fun while improving your skills like over 100 active NHL players. Once you mastered your Saucer Passes take it to the extreme with some trick shots. Using real black rubber ice hockey pucks is the a great way to train the real on ice feel while playing sauce games, training & great for trick shots. Our lowest priced & most portable Full Sauce Kit! 

  • 2x Patented Sauce Kit Goal/Nets with Metal Posts, Real Twine Netting, Spring Loaded, Retractable, Folds/Locks, Comes Fully Assembled with Shoulder Strap (2 Full or 1 Half) 
  • 2x Mini Board AAA Grade Synthetic Ice Sauce Boards with Rounded Edges (16 x 23 inch) (2 Full or 1 Half)
  • Professional Regulation Black Rubber Hockey Pucks (2 Red Logo/2 White Logo) for easy score tracking 
  • 1x Sauce Game Booklet      
*Kits Arrive Fully Assembled & Ready To Play Out Of The Box*



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