Rated #1 Game you have to play in 2015 by BleacherReport.com

June 09, 2015

"The Original Hockey Sauce Kit is a bold and inventive take on a game we've known about for years.

Since there are few things as fun as ripping a puck or ball into a hockey net, why not make a game out of it that doesn't involve ice or skates?

What The Original Hockey Sauce Kit does is give you everything you need to take your free-wielding puck experience into a different galaxy. It consists of two slick panels that act as your ice, two nets and some saucy pucks to get started.

There are plenty ways to get down with the Sauce Kit. For starters, you can enjoy a classic scoring system that is similar to cornhole. Certain sauces are worth one point while others are worth three. Set a final score people or teams must reach and there you have it.

Another way of putting your Sauce Kit to good use is by playing a game of follow the leader or flat-out seeing who can hit the most ridiculous shots.

Few games out there on the market match the pure joy you get from The Original Hockey Sauce Kit."