How to Play







* Bean Bags or Corn Hold for Hockey Players*

   *** Example - Team Kane makes 3 (1 Point) SAUCERS and 1 (3 point) SAUCERS his total points =   6 and Team Crosby makes 4 (1 point) SAUCERS his total points = 4

Team Kane = 6      /       Team Crosby = 4 

The difference is Team Kane is awarded 2 points for that round ***



   FOLLOW THE ...  S - A - U - C - E

TRICK SHOT GAME - Played like H-O-R-S-E (basketball game) and can be played with as many players as you would like*

  1. First create an order for the players. This can be done by alphabetical order or by SAUCIN for the order of play
  2. Call the SAUCE - The player SAUCIN must verbally call out what shot they are going to take before the pass.  The exception is if the SAUCER is not going to use any props or make special variations
  3. SAUCE the first pass. The first player chucks SAUCE within the established rules.  If the SAUCE Pass is made, the next player has to make the same shot or they are assigned the letter S
  4. Sauce the next pass.  If the second player makes the same exact shot then it falls to the next player and so on until the original SAUCER is up to SAUCE.  At that point the original SAUCER takes another SAUCE.
  5. Re-slot the order. If the person SAUCIN first misses then they proceed to the back and the player next in line becomes the leader and gets to decide on the pass to SAUCE.  If that person misses, then control proceeds down the line until it returns back to the first SAUCER
  6. Assign the letters. As each player misses they can earn the next letter in the word S-A-U-C-E . When a player reaches S-A-U-C-E they are out of the game.  It may be decided before the game is started to allow a bonus SAUCE on the letter E. If make, allow the player to stay in the game and eliminate a letter.  This continued until there is only one player left.  That player is the WINNER!



   Its time to let the Saucers Fly and chuck some Trick SAUCE!  Some of our favorite times playing with The Hockey Sauce Kit is setting up some long distance SAUCER Bomb shots.  We have seen some SAUCER Bombs from off boats, cliffs, roofs, into moving cars, over cars, over rivers and off mountains to name a few.  The more creative the better and make sure to #HockeySauceKit and Tag us @HockeySauceKit to be entered in our weekly battle for - SAUCER of The Week - and chance to win some SAUCE Gear and other prizes.  This is your chance to be part of the hockey trick shot revolution.

- Stay Saucey My Friends


'Stick Tap


- HSK Team